Session One

Entering the Iron God's Tomb

Characters Present: Ajax “The Infiltrator”, Damtor Bronzebeard, Fuuge, Gnyx, Raynor Eldon, Thokk

For centuries, peasants in the Nybling Hills have brought their dead to the Tomb of the Iron God, a largely forgotten, minor deity of the underworld who guards the spirits and bodies of the dead. A community of monks has maintained an ancient temple above the god’s sacred underground catacombs since before recorded history, performing funeral rites and bringing dead bodies below to rest in the Iron God’s protection. However, the monks of the temple became corrupt and venal. About a month ago, as the frozen grip of winter began to soften, the Iron God visited a terrible vengeance upon these disloyal servitors. Lightning struck from the heavens, lighting the dark skies for hours as every building of the temple complex was blasted from existence.

The party has secured a fine contract for their group’s first official foray. The Church of Pluto who has tolerated the worship of the Iron God for decades has taken this disaster as a sign that the Iron God’s worship is no longer sufficient for the burial of the Nybling Hill people. They plan on closing the temple down completely and moving the bodies in the tomb to somewhere under the watchful gaze of Hades. Unfortunately news travels slowly in Venatia and the church worries that bandits and goblinoids may take root in the ruins of the temple. Therefore they hired the party to scout and hopefully clear the temple before they arrive in Amvianda in a weeks time.


After provisioning themselves with a jointly owned mule to help carry back any contractually legal loot, the party takes the short hike to the ruins of the monastery. Surrounded in a field of ash and singed splinters stood the main temple itself. Raynor noticed signs of goblins entering the temple and the party entered after them, now expecting trouble.

In the main entrance of the temple sitting on the floor before the great statue of the Iron God was the severed head of a goblin that spoke: “Begone tomb robbers, or you will all find your fate. Death awaits you.”

The party did not heed the dead goblin’s warning and began their exploration of the structure. They found a stagnant fountain, storage rooms filled with junk, some strange tracks, a strange library with books made of iron, two entrances to the catacombs that also bore warnings:

“In the name of the Iron God, beware, you who enter the Sacred Catacombs of the Dead, which the Iron God watches over. Be you not draped in respect, and do you not speak your name for the scribe of the dead, you shall suffer the wrath of the Catacombs.”

After entering a strangely shaped room, looking for secret passages, Raynor began to float straight up in the air in a trance. As the party watched on a sword of pure iron formed in his hand. He awoke from the trance with new purpose in his eyes.

Oh and Ajax had found a door into an octagon shaped room. The room had a single door, which when opened revealed a dozen standing skeletons arranged as if in storage, waiting to be used. Unfortunately they were not waiting for the party and immediately set out to attack the party.

Holding the skeletons off at the doorway the party smashed them until whatever foul magic giving them unlife was released back to the ether. Catching their breath after the fight they notice their mule had run off somewhere.


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Session One

First off, that was a great first session. The first session is always the one with the most character questions and character creation stuff. I can’t wait for the next session and to see where the game is headed!

Damtor says: “Those skeletons hit hard! Nice job everyone! Now where is that damn Mule?” He looks to Fuuge and says: “watch where you thrust that bloody staff!”

Session One

I agree with Rich, it was a fun time. Likewise, Rich I had placed one of my original longswords in the donkey’s pack, could you make sure it was added to the inventory.

Raynor groans, “I knew we should of just tied that mule up somewhere.”

Session One

I still feel foolish for missing these comment feeds. I remember feeling BA when my first sling bullet took the head off the skeleton. I just wish that feeling lasted more than one encounter. smh

Ajax: “Those skeletons shatter like clay pots, you guys should use blunt weapons against them… Anyone see a bow laying around?”

Session One
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