Session Three

Down with Goblins

Characters Present: Franco “Thokk” Bouve, Ajax “The Infiltrator”, Damtor Bronzebeard, Fuuge, Gnyx, Raynor Eldon

Thinking quickly Ajax throws a flask of oil at one of the goblin blockades followed quickly by Gynx igniting it with her magic. The group then used the distraction to escape in the other direction. They easily smash through the goblins and head back to Amvianda to recover from the ambush.

After their rest the party returns to the tomb, now much more cautious of goblin ambush. They discover some of the goblins recovering themselves in a makeshift barracks. They make quick work of these goblins and continue their exploration only to find the main goblin nest.

After a pitched battle the party finally rids the tomb of its goblin infestation.


And now we all have hoods! Hopefully we won’t hear anymore voices. I agree that maybe I should try to blast some of them first and then move back. It’s just nerve wrecking to move to the front line being so squishy.

Session Three

I hope that’s the case and people don’t hear voices. I’m pretty sure Ajax had a hood and still was hearing them though. We shall see.

This is the best version of the game to be a mobile artillery in Nikki, just move in blast and move back when possible. Remember to cast mage armor and you should fare just as well as a lot of people. Plus there is always a healer there if you get injured.

It sucks that we’re missing another week now. Is next week on?

Session Three

Oh also the Shield spell is an awesome level 1 spell that can potentially negate a lot of attacks. Its a reaction so you don’t have to use it until being hit, but +5 to ac for one round is pretty sweet.

Session Three

I will possibly be missing the game on the 25th as well. Having the gf’s family over and dunno if I will get an opportunity to head out before 8 or 9.

However, was nice to be able to get out of that initial predicament without a death in the group. It was also fun to get into some combat and not feel like we were near certain death from 1 hit.

Session Three

Well some won’t be near certain death… lol. I can’t wait until Level 3, some pretty kick ass 2nd level spells.

Session Three

I’m just happy to be able to get my animal companion at level 3. That’l make things interesting.

Also, as a side note, I will likely be late to the game Saturday, as Meredith has family coming over and may not be able to sneak out until after 7.

Session Three

Thanks for the advice! I’ll look into that spell. :)

Session Three

Oh my poor hit points… I’m going to have to start hiding behind Gnyx while she blasts away. It was definitely nice to get some vengeance on those stinking goblins. Now to finish our mission…

Ajax: “Something is wrong with this f***ing sling… It wont hit a damn thing!”

Session Three

Ok, after last nights game, I think a Master-Blaster backpack needs to be constructed. That way when Gnyx gets on my shoulders, the backpack “seat” instead, maybe it won’t be so devastating for both of us when I rage or if we get into trouble.

It wouldn’t be something Gnyx used ALL the time, unless you wanted to. It would be a small chair like frame you could sit it, or something else, not sure. Maybe make a backpack where half of the slots were used for the “chair-like” contraption for Gnyx.

I think it might be fun. Gnyx can blast away from up high. Something to think about. Maybe even a roll-out ladder on the outside for when she needs to climb up.

Hmmm… sounds like fun.

Session Three
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