Session Two

Those Fucking Goblins!

Characters Present: Ajax “The Infiltrator”, Damtor Bronzebeard, Fuuge, Gnyx, Raynor Eldon, Thokk

The party finds their mule in the next room huffing and puffing with a wild eyed panic. Damtor calms the creature down and the group sets off to find a better place to keep it. They settle on the embalming fluid storage room and set off to continue their exploration.

They decide to start exploring the catacombs underneath them and head to the stair case they found with the Tomb’s warning. As Raynor walks down the stairs a glob of gray ooze swings down and smashes him in the chest. Acidic steam rises from the blow and the party engages the strange creature finding that it eats away at their metal weapons. Fuuge discovers that it only seems to eat metal after smacking it with his walking staff, and the slime is reduced to a puddle of liquid.

The party continues down into the catacombs discovering a chamber roughly covered out of the rock. In the middle of the room is an ornate iron table covered in runes with a large spike extending outward from it. Gnyx notes that the runes on the table are designed to channel some outside energy and analyze whatever is placed on its surface. Tracks on the bottom of the table enable it to be slid in a circular motion. Thokk starts to spin it and discovers that there are small grooves that the device clicks into. Fuuge also starts to play with it and the two half-orcs discover that the huge dial is designed to point at the three exits of the chamber. Except for one groove which causes the spike to point at a corner of the room. Curious the party examines the corner and discovers that it is a secret door.

Inside the secret chamber they discover two huge chests covered in a thick shell of iron. Then the madness starts to set in. The two half-orcs start having strange visions and the party frantically tries to keep everyone from freaking out. Gnyx seems to think that the two half-orcs are freaking out because they are not wearing the rust-colored hoods they had discovered earlier. After the chaotic scene of bleeding, winking, and dagger-eating chests the party decides it might be prudent to finish their exploration of the upper structure first in hopes of finding more hoods.

Going back to where they stopped exploring before, they follow a winding hallway that seems to wrap around the western part of the structure and come to a room filled with moldering robes. Someone discovers a handful of seed pearls.

They continue into another hallway that seems to wrap around in the opposite direction of the other hallway. They enter an empty chamber with some moldy carpets and Thokk opens a door in the room revealing a group of goblins counting their loot. The group is bedecked in trinkets and grave goods.

A tough battle unfolds and the party seems to have routed the goblins when the door behind them opens and another group of goblins pours through. Ajax shoves the door closed and the group quickly assesses the situation. Three of their number are down and the remaining three are nearly exhausted. The group decides to make a mad break for the exit of the Tomb and drag their three unconscious friends out and into the woods. There they patch their wounds and decide to head back to town to refresh themselves and possibly pick up a hireling or two.

In town the party resupplies and Gnyx begins to look for some more muscle. Unfortunately the town is small and there is only one man willing to go into the Tomb with them. His name is Blackboar and he carries a wicked barbed spear.

Rejuvenated the party heads back to the Tomb and go back to where they fought the goblins. The room is empty now, only blood stains on the floor. Reynor looks for traces of where they might have gone, but the creatures seemed to have masked their tracks.

The group decides to continue their exploration. They discover some moldy wheat and nest of rats. A few highly detailed iron statues of what look to be monks. After investigating these statues they find that their faces are moving ever so slowly in a rictus of fear and agony. They find a cage with what might be the body of the high priest of the temple inside.

Then the group discovers a room that was once a luxuriously appointed bedroom. In the center of the room another iron statue, this one looking up at the ceiling in fear and shock. As soon as they enter the room though this statue quickly moves towards them with shocking speed (for a statue).

The party seems to be doing well against the animate statue, but as the battle ensues a volley of arrows flies towards their rear from a large dark chamber. The goblin ambush decimates the party even as they destroy the deranged statue. It’s a mad dash for the relative safety of the once opulent bedroom. Injured party members are healed with magic just so they have a chance to escape. Fuuge even drags someone into the room with his great axe.

The party barricades the door and licks theirs wounds. All the while they can hear the goblins whispering and giggling. Some kind of construction project seemed to be going on in the hallway outside the door.

Things look bleak but the party decides to make another break for it. After resting up they take a glance outside and notice some sort of contraption attached to the door. Standing against the walls of the bedroom they gingerly open the door. Nothing seems to happen except for some clanking as pieces of wood fall to the floor out in the hallway. The door is swung shut just as a massive iron plow flies down through the doorway smashing the door to pieces. As the crashing sounds end the party hears a rip and a cloud of flour flows through the doorway. Nothing happens for a few seconds and then a bright flash nearly blinds the party as somehow the cloud of flour is ignited.

Time to enter the gauntlet.


I’m giving out 100 bonus XP to every player. This session was filled with some great role-playing and creative problem solving.

Session Two

“This bloody place is indeed cursed! First it has metal eating monsters, then the most tactical goblins i’ve ever encountered, and finally statues that walk and attack us! Oh, and also the living dead! We need to destroy anything that moves here comrades!” -says Damtor

Session Two

Another fun night Josh. Are you meaning for it to be as tough as it has been? I don’t know about the next encounter for sure… but 3 of 5 encounters it seems like we’ve barely survived. Eventually our luck is going to run out. Or is it just mis-actions on our part? Granted we could of scouted the goblin room before the statue room, but i wouldn’t of called it a rash decision by any means.

Session Two

There wasn’t much you could do beyond scouting the open area first. You pretty much had bad luck. I chose where the gobbos would hide out before you guys even headed back to the tomb. They chose that room because there were lots of hiding places inside and an open hallway that would let them see you coming.

I do have some advice. Don’t assume the back of the party is safe, especially when there’s intelligent foes around.

Also the goblins are not tactical masters, they are limited by their cowardice. They should have just broken down the door and overwhelmed you with ranged weapons, but they don’t like to take risks like that so instead they rigged up a trap, which looked impressive, but was easily avoided. They are ambushers and sneaks, but not disciplined warriors.

That being said, the campaign is going to be difficult, but I think ultimately overcoming a tough challenge will be rewarding. I encourage you guys to think things through carefully and try to come together to come up with tactics for the party. Especially since you have control over initiative. It’s tough now since you’re first level and don’t really know what everyone is capable of, but remember with popcorn initiative you can set up some really nasty combos. Imagine your casters letting loose their area spells before everyone and then the warriors coming in and mopping up the remains.

Session Two

Yeah the popcorn initiative can make both sides have very nasty combos. I believe monster initiatives scale much faster than players sadly. I can imagine multiple players going down before anyone can react in certain combats :( I don’t mind difficult at all. I hope this is just the first level blues. lol

Session Two

This is why being sandwiched in the middle is the best!!! You’re covered in the back and the front. :)

Session Two

I’m glad I came back to read these. Josh’s advice will come in handy in the future, and I’m looking forward to building team tactics. Hopefully we don’t have too many party members change.

Ajax: “Guys, we might be in trouble if we don’t get out of this room. We need a distraction…” Pulls out an oil flask “…Anyone got a light?”

Session Two
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