Franco "Thokk" Bouve


Franco Bouve is the bastard child of Francine Bouve, the daughter of a prestigious politician. Her carriage was set upon by orc raiders whom raped her and left her for dead along with the other’s in her entourage. He was given away at birth to be raised by a woman whom was an indentured servant of the Bouve’s. As an outcast growing up Franco learned that even while he was stronger than the other kids, violence usually made his situation worse and instead learned how to socially outwit others. He even adopted the name kids used to taunt him with as a kid “Thokk” to show that their words wouldn’t affect him.

Once old enough, Thokk joined the army. Here both his social agility and strength of arms became a boon and he felt much more at home. During the battle of the Grey Water Ford, Thokk rallied a few dozen soldiers to brave the crossing to rescue a the men whom had been cut off from the main force by the enemy. Thokk quickly rose in rank afterwards and achieved almost a celebrity status amongst his fellow soldiers. Finally he felt like he had found a home.

Years later that would all change when a snobby lord commander ordered that the woman and children of a small village be put to the sword for being suspected of being rebel sympathizers. When Franco tried to argue the orders, the lordling threatened not only him and his men with execution for treason, but their families as well. Grudgingly Thokk and his men carried out the attack. When his enlistment period ended shortly after, he did not reenlist.

To this day the memory of the Willow Spring massacre is driving force of his persona, hoping that one day he may make enough right, to atone for that day.

Franco "Thokk" Bouve

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