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    h3. World *Regions* [[Grimmwood]] *Settlements* [[Kluftdorf]] [[Portnelle]] [[Westlake]] h3. Rulings * [[Character House Rules]] * [[Equipment House Rules]] * [[Combat House Rules]] * [[Exploration House Rules]] * [[Magic House Rules]]

  • Equipment House Rules

    h2. Armor and Shields h3. Armor Shall Be Rent Every time you take damage from a critical hit (usually a natural 20 on the attack roll), your Armor Class is reduced by 1. The armor has been damaged. If the armor’s AC bonus is reduced to 0, then the …

  • Character House Rules

    h1. Classes h2. The Class List * Barbarian (Sanctum Secorum) * Bard (Crawl!) * Black Cat (internet) * Cleric of Ahriman (core/brewed) * Cleric of Mitra (core/brewed) * Druid (Hubris) * Dwarf (core) * Elf (core) * Elf Rogue (Hubris) * Faerie …

  • Magic House Rules

    h1. Arcane Magic h3. Powerful Patrons When spellburning a caster with a patron can choose to draw power from their patron specifically. Doing so doubles the amount added to their casting roll.