Character Creation

Character Creation Guidelines

I’m putting this up here for now. Later this will have its own page. This will change as time goes on, so don’t take it as gospel.


No real changes here, but I’m not allowing tieflings or dragonborn. Also the sub-race of drow are not allowed. These may open up in the future depending on what region the party is in.


Variant human is allowed. You can choose between default or variant.


No changes. There is no restriction on how many people can be the same class.

Feats are being used.

Ability Scores

Customizing Ability Scores variant (27 point buy).


Everyone gets all the equipment listed in their Background. You may not spend coins you get through your background until the game begins.

Find your class below. That is the amount of spending money you have on starting equipment.

10 gp – monk
25 gp – barbarians, druid, sorcerer
50 gp – rogue, warlock
100 gp – fighter, ranger, wizard
150 gp – bard, cleric, paladin

You may want to hold off on buying equipment until I put the Encumbrance house rules up.

Character Creation

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