Amvianda is a strange town, really most would not consider it more than a village. This was once the summer palace of Emperor Vinrix, ruler of the now shattered empire of Nomo. It sits atop a wooded mount with a breathtaking view of the River Frush winding it’s way through the Nybling Hills. The streets are strategically built to show only the wealthy facade of Emperor Street from the view at the palace proper. This part of the town is built of marble, porphyry, and malachite with graceful domes of brass. The architecture is truly marvelous, but it is only a faint shadow of the capitol to the north of Venatia. Not more than a block away are simpler buildings of the peasants made of limestone and thatch.

It’s been ten years since Emperor Vinrix was reported as dead. The core of the empire to the north of the Venatia province has been deep in a civil war for as long. The Emperor does not visit any longer, and with the loss of his presence comes the loss of the money to maintain Amvianda’s ostentatious architecture. So far Ashbertus, the steward of the palace, has been able to keep the most impressive building in good repair, but he does so by allowing nobles and high merchants from Antigoon to vacation in the palace, like some base inn, and by an ever-increasing tax on the peasantry. But the civil war will not stay in the north forever, and Amvianda makes a tempting prize for any warlord to pluck from the wilderness like a jewel.

This is where you start your adventuring career.


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