Exploration House Rules


Cautious Exploration

Some areas require extra caution when exploring. These will generally be indoor areas with unknown hazards and threats. While in these areas play slowed down to Turns. A Turn is 10 minutes (60 rounds) long. In one turn a party can move up to 20x their movement (600’ for a party with average movement).

During this movement it is assumed the party is keeping an eye out for ambushes, traps, secret doors, and other hidden things. Characters can also move stealthily, although light sources will usually spoil this.

Exploring perilous dungeons is not only physically exhausting, but mentally stressful. After 5 Turns of exploration you must rest for 1 Turn. This is not considered a Short Rest, but continuing on can cause penalties.


There are a variety of light sources, and each one provides light for a certain number of characters. While the radius of light provided by a light source can be important in some specific cases, in most cases we just want to know that everyone in the party has enough light to see. Below is a list of light sources and how much light it provides. Light sources provide bright and dim light.

  • Candles: 1 bright, 1 dim, lasts 6 turns.
  • Flame Blade spell: 1 bright, 1 dim, lasts 1 turn.
  • Flame Shield spell: 1 bright, 1 dim, lasts 1 turn.
  • Produce Flame: 1 bright, 1 dim, lasts 1 turn
  • Lamp: 1 bright, 2 dim, lasts 36 turns.
  • Torches: 2 bright, 2 dim, lasts 6 turns.
  • Light spell: 2 bright, 2 dim, lasts 6 turns.
  • Continual Flame spell: 2 bright, 2 dim, lasts until dispelled.
  • Hooded Lantern: 3 bright, 3 dim, lasts 36 turns.
  • Bullseye Lantern: 4 bright, 2 dim, lasts 36 turns
  • Daylight spell: 6 bright, 6 dim, lasts 6 turns

Exploration House Rules

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