Character House Rules


The Class List

  • Barbarian (Sanctum Secorum)
  • Bard (Crawl!)
  • Black Cat (internet)
  • Cleric of Ahriman (core/brewed)
  • Cleric of Mitra (core/brewed)
  • Druid (Hubris)
  • Dwarf (core)
  • Elf (core)
  • Elf Rogue (Hubris)
  • Faerie Animal (FT1)
  • Ghost (Gongfarmers)
  • Gnome (Crawl!)
  • Halfling Burglar (core/Crawl!)
  • Half-Giant (Sanctum Secorum)
  • Kith (Purple Planet)
  • Lizardman (Hubris)
  • Knight (brewed)
  • Orc (Crawl!)
  • Ranger (Crawl!)
  • Paladin (Crawl!)
  • Psion (Mind Games)
  • Thief (core)
  • Warrior (core)
  • Wizard (core)


Some nonhuman races can be classes other than their racial class. The list below has all allowable non-racial classes available to nonhuman classes.

Black Cat: none
Dwarf: Thief
Elf. Thief, Warrior
Faerie Animal: none
Gnome: none
Goblin: Thief
Half-Giant: none
Halfling. Cleric
Kith: Thief
Lizardman: Thief
Orc: Thief, Warrior

Character Advancement


Carousing Rules

You must have at least 100 gp of wealth to roll a carousing die. Roll 1d5 for your time spent carousing. You gain the result in XP and spend the result x 100 gp. If the cost of carousing is more than you possess in coins, gems, and luxury items, you are now indebted to someone who expects to be paid back the difference plus 1d6 x 10% interest. If you then roll a “lose all your stuff” consequence, double the debt.

Thieves, warriors, dwarves, and halflings may choose to double the XP earned and gold spent, provided they have at least enough wealth to cover the initial result’s cost. Any additional cost incurs debt as normal.

In addition, after each carousing die is rolled, you must roll on the Carousing table.

Character House Rules

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